Abu -Ghazaleh: The Agreement Signed with Al Radwan School Aims to Achieve Quality, Accreditation and Students’ Creativity

AMMAN - October 28, 2015 - The Arab Organization for Quality Assurance in Education (AROQA) chaired by HE Dr. Talal Abu- Ghazaleh signed an agreement with Al Radwan Schools to implement quality standards and acquire the academic accreditation for schools.

Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh commended Al Radwan Schools initiative and Schools’ management for seeking quality calling on all stakeholders to focus on the actual content of quality to further improve education systems and services, to support the creativity of students and develop such achievement.       

Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh emphasized the importance of focusing on providing community service as per the directives  of His Majesty King Abdullah II who gives most of his attention to youth by supporting them and helping them develop their ideas to turn them into real achievable projects.

Mr. Monther Al Zmaily, the commissioned partner in Al Radwan Schools, stated that the initiative carried out by the Schools to seek accreditation comes under the Schools' eagerness to develop, improve and follow the latest developments and changes required to bring up a new generation capable of coping with the latest scientific, vocational and practical developments.

Al Zmaily expressed his gratitude to Dr. Abu -Ghazaleh for his longstanding efforts in this esteemed organization providing holistic wide-ranging services.

“Since its establishment 18 years ago, Al Radwan Schools always strive to achieve continuous improvement and development both at the educational level and at building the students’ capabilities, and encouraging them to be creative,” Al Zmaily said.

“Our Schools obtained ISO 9001 certificate years ago and it’s renewed every two years. Our goal is not just obtaining accreditation certificates, but also to furnish an academic atmosphere according to the highest standards globally,” he added.

He also highlighted the fact that the Schools aim to share their experience with other less fortunate schools in all the Kingdom governorates to raise their capabilities and expertise as part of Al Radwan Schools community responsibilities. 

Implementing quality standards and academic accreditation involve several aspects, including: developing the vision and objectives to be in line with the accelerating developments in knowledge world, developing governance and leadership in order to support the efforts of continuous improvements, implementing modern and advanced teaching and learning methods so that curriculum provides students with worthy opportunities to acquire knowledge and essential skills, implementing a comprehensive assessment system and documenting results to measure the levels of development and improvement and providing technical and essential resources to support teaching processes and be committed to the process of continuous improvement  to ensure and develop quality.


About The ArabOrganization for Education Quality Assurance

The Arab Organization for Quality Assurance in Education (AROQA) is an international non-profit independent association established in Belgium in July 2007 with the fundamental objective of raising the quality of education in the Arab world through providing quality assurance and accreditation related-services, improving the education level, building capacities, exchanging expertise and disseminating awareness on significant features of education in the Arab region.

Al Radwan Schools

A private school licensed by the Ministry of Education aiming at sustaining the students' pride and loyalty to their nation and pertinence to their country, enabling them to acquire the advanced scientific knowledge, encouraging students to be innovative and creative and connecting them with knowledge resources and be open to other sciences.

Al Radwan Schools received the National Accreditation Certificate as a healthy and safe school. It produces clean energy from the sun, and is a member in the Green Buildings Council.