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Oman Research and Education Network (OMREN)
OMREN is meant to be the national e-infrastructure with high speed backbone connectivity, connecting all research and education organizations and entities. The current state analysis of OMREN is to identify the capabilities of the existing private and public telecommunications network infrastructure (technical, financial and commercial aspects), then to ascertain industry trends and assess which approach will be most suited to meet key objectives set out for OMREN, namely: Organization (Ownership options; Funding models; Governance; Operating models), Regulation (NREN usage; Local loop access; Public or private network accessibility), Market (Currently available services; Future services/roadmaps), and Technology (Optical/ packet transport; Network Security; Network Management).
OMREN established Oman KID federation to allow restricted access to services, including Electronic Library, Knowledge of the identity system, The electronic system for research proposals, financial system to manage research grants, and programs to support innovation and research.
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