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eduGAIN and eduroam Training Workshop

Dates: November 5-8, 2018
Location: Amman, Jordan
Venue: TBD
Workshop Description
 Day 1 
 Introduction to federated access
 All interested 
 *Why do you want federated access for applications?
  - FIM key concepts and technologies, security, policy and privacy aspects  
  - What are national R& ID Federations and where are they
 *eduGAIN: to make federated access for applications global
  - How eduGAIN works
  - Who and how can use eduGAIN
 *eduroam: federated access to network
  - eduroam technology and infrastructure
 Day 2
 Hands-On: IdP deployment and connecting to your national federation         
  • national Id FED
  • IdPs national
  • roaming operators 
  • max 15 ppl
 *Shib install fest OR SAMLphp
 Day 3
 Hands-On: eduroam 
  • eduroam deployment teams 
  • max 15 ppl
 *IdP/SP RADIUS configuration:
  - Basic configuration (radiusd.conf,clients.conf,proxy.conf)
  - FreeRADIUS Modules
  - EAP configuration (TLS server certificate)
  - eduroam CAT
 *eduroam Identity Management System (User Database):
  - Backend Database selection (LDAP, MySQL)
 *Debugging and understanding RADIUS logs:
  - Using debug mode, understanding radius.log, F-ticks logging                      
Workshop Requirements 
Registration Fees: 200 EURO
Date & Time: 
Tuesday, November 6, 2018 - 09:00
Amman, Jordan